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Earn $500-$1000 for each person you refer who signs up.

Referral / Program

Do you know someone who owns a vacation home on Cape Cod? Know someone  who could benefit from 5-star comprehensive service? We are always looking for new  homeowners and we highly value our client relationships; so much so, that we will pay  you $500-$1000 for each referral you provide us. Simply provide their basic information,  and when they sign up, we will send you a check. It really is that easy.

Distinctly Del Mar

What we offer our homeowners

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Easier Management
Reservations? Questions? Emergencies? We handle it all, and you get just one single point of contact. Allow our team to erase the burdens of renting your home.
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Better Care
Providing better care for your home is our priority; with free 2 hour maintenance calls, 5-star property management and cleaning service, and everything in-house, we cater to owners who want the best for their property.
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More Service
Need a property manager that truly manages? We offer true full service which means we handle everything from coordinating and executing projects at your home, to providing annual service packages and vacation add-ons.
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Peace of Mind
With a full-service staff 100% located on Cape Cod, a helping hand is always close by to assist at your home. You can rest assured your vacation home is being cared for and monitored to the highest level.
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Submit a referral, get paid.

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    #1 Submit a referral here

    Use the form above to submit a referral

  • Wait

    #2 Wait for your referral to sign up

    Once a referral is submitted, all you need to do is wait for them to sign up. This can be a few days, or a few months, depending on your referral and how quickly they need our services.

  • Get Paid

    #3 Get paid when your referral signs up

    When your referral signs up, you get paid. We will send you a check for $500 or $1000 depending on how many referrals you have provided.

Refer and Earn


Homeowners Referred
For each one that signs up, you could be earning $500-$1000


Dollars In Referral Payouts
We've paid over $84,000 in referral fees, and we couldn't be happier about that.


Referral Partners
These folks have provided us with 2+ referrals, and get paid $1000 for each signup.


Company that provides True full-service
Del Mar is the only local company that provides this level of service, combined with a guaranteed income for owners.